“I would definitely recommend 1204 Recordings. Like most people, I don’t do well under pressure. So, when it comes to recording I’m USUALLY very nervous. Luckily recording with Nick at 1204 Recordings was relaxed and fun. This allowed to focus on playing without all the stress and pressure. Thanks Nick!”
– Kylie Precepa

“Working with Nick was great! He was responsive to our feedback, gave us great input throughout the process, and provided us with mixes as we went along to guide our work. The studio atmosphere was laid back and allowed us to have a really great time while we recorded. Highly recommend the studio and especially Nick. Thanks!”
– Snowy White Owl
“Working with Nick is always a pleasure. His personality and attitude alleviate all the pressures of trying to nail each track, which results in a more natural recording, and an overall great time. Not to ignore the fact that his technical and writing skills are both outstanding”
– Tyler Joseph Roy (Fellow)
“Working with Nick is an absolute treat. Not only is he a master of his craft, he is also one of the most easy going and charismatic guys I know”
– Paulina Dymel
“I had a great time recording with Nick Barfoot. He told me I nailed the guitar solo on the first take, which was really good for my ego”
– Kiran Sachdev
“Working with Nick on our EP was a great experience. I never thought that recording could be so enjoyable! The sessions were not stressful or burdensome, but instead, they were full of positivity and something we looked forward to. He was so open to our ideas when it came to mixing and production and he really let us get involved in the recording process. He managed to capture the instruments perfectly from vocals to violin, and he has a very intuitive sense of balance, allowing everyone’s musical contributions come through beautifully. With Nick, you really get the sense that you are working with someone who is invested in the final product, and he really puts the satisfaction of the band above all else.

After a few sessions, I started to feel like he was in the band – he seemed to care just as much about the music as we did! I am so thankful that we got to work with Nick on this project, he is a great person to work with from a professional standpoint, and after this experience, I also consider him as a musical collaborator and friend”
– The Artichoke Hearts
“I’ve worked with Nick ever since I discovered my love of singing many years ago and can say with confidence that my voice has strengthened as a result. His passion for music and more importantly, artistry, shines through his patience and his amazing ability to draw out talent I didn’t know I had. Not only is he a great resource for rounding out your sound and strengthening what’s already there, his recording and mixing skills are undeniable”
– Shannon Barfoot
“I have had the pleasure of working with Nick on numerous recording and musical projects over the past 10 years. Nick’s talent as a musican, in combination with his skills in technology and sound have helped him develop a niche for mixing and producing music like non other. Most importantly Nick truly loves music. Whether it be jamming with old friends, or recording a new song, Nick always makes music fun. As a vocalist, Nick always has a way of calming my nerves and encouraging me to produce the best sound possible. It is always a priveledge to produce music with Nick, but more of a privledge to call him my friend.”
– Andrea Cote
“Recording my song with Nick was an amazing process. Not only is he an extremely talented producer, he brings enthusiasm to each session and makes the recording process a lot of fun. Nick provided a lot of helpful insight and understands how to create quality sound. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, I’d highly recommend working with Nick!”
– Nicola Anderson
“Recording with Nick is always a very pleasurable experience. His cool and calm demeanor and supportive attitude seems to pull the best out of you. His commitment to quality and mastery of his craft insure you come out sounding better then you thought you every could. Looking forward to the next time I get to record with him.”
– Chris Prendergast
“It was a great time recording with Nick, and I love how the recording turned out. He definitely has a great ear for music”
– Marshall Hahn
“One of the best parts about jamming with Nick is that he’s completely focused on encouragement and doing what he can to help create the best possible take. Nick is a great player himself, and he has a keen sense of whose style works best for a particular part, but he’s not afraid to humbly distribute work or default to someone else’s view if he thinks it will improve a song or make a track sound better. With respect to recording, I think one of the reasons Nick and I have worked well together is that we both enjoy a balance between a laid-back atmosphere and doing what it takes to create tight, high-quality tracks. If you listen to the recording of ‘Hackensack’ that we did with our friend Andrea, I think that’s exactly what you hear. It’s obvious that a lot of time and precision have been put into balancing and mixing the track, but if you listen to Nick’s rhythm guitar playing, you can hear that he values feel as much as technique, which I think is the key to producing any kind of decent work.”
– Jay Adams