New track (Original) – “Finally With Me” – Fellow feat. Nicola Michelle, Nick Barfoot

June 15, 2017
Fellow (Tyler Joseph Roy)
Tyler Joseph Roy, Nicola Michelle

This year I got to work with Tyler Joseph Roy a.k.a. Fellow, and Nicola Michelle. I’ve had the opportunity to work with each of them individually on songs in the past and I’ve have had a blast. It was so cool to work with them both on a project together for the first time. The track, titled “Finally With Me”, was partially recorded while we were all in Vancouver for a bit and more of the instrumentation, vocals and other finishing touches were completed later back in Ottawa. You can listen below, and the track will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and other major digital streaming services shortly. If you enjoyed listening, please share 🙂

New track (Cover) – “Long Time Running” – Nick Barfoot & Peter Scott Gibbons

December 5, 2016
Peter Scott Gibbsons
Like many others earlier this year, I was taken back by the news around Gord Downie’s health, and was glued to my TV for CBC’s coverage of their show in Kingston.

It allowed me to reflect on what the Hip meant to me, and the tremendous impact they have had (musically and otherwise) on me, fellow Canadians and others around the world. I loved watching all the tribute performances to Gord and the Hip, and how much it brought people together. “This campfire won’t last forever… The Hip have only wrote so many songs.” from Arkells comes to mind.

I am so thankful to have been able to record a Hip cover with my good friend Peter Scott Gibbons. Peter and I met in Ottawa at work and have been jamming together ever since over the years. It also marks the first track I’ve done to have (backup) vocals of mine of any kind, hah!

Here’s our cover of “Long Time Running”, for Gord.



New track (Original) – “Water” – Snowy White Owl

November 18, 2016
I got the opportunity to work with the Ottawa based folk band Snowy White Owl to produce and mix their single “Water”. Easily some of the most fun I’ve had in the studio so far.

Brent, Chris, Jessica and Andrew all came very prepared and played their parts effortlessly. The track features acoustic guitar, banjo, violin, vocals and backup vocals. They were also kind enough to write a testimonial on what it was like working with me. You can listen to the song below, and it is available on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Snowy White Owl @ Bandcamp

Snowy White Owl @ SoundCloud
Brent Smith
Chris Taggart
Setting up for vocals
Listening to the mix
Discussing production

New track (Cover) – “Forever” – Nick Barfoot, Britt Corry & Paulina Dymel

September 30, 2016
Thankful I got to record another song with my friends Britt Corry & Paulina Dymel while they were in Ottawa. Here’s an acoustic version we recently finished of HAIM‘s ‘Forever’. Recording with them is always so much fun, and they both tend to bring out the best in people around them.
Paulina Dymel
Britt Corry

You can listen on our YouTube, and the original is available for download on SoundCloud.  

The Artichoke Hearts – Conquer Then Divide

September 24, 2016
The Ottawa-based three piece band The Artichoke Hearts & 1204 Recordings are excited to release their new 6 song EP! Entitled ‘Conquer Then Divide’, the EP was recorded in late 2015 and continuing into 2016. Each song features acoustic guitars, piano, layered violin and vocal harmonies.  
EP Cover
The Artichoke Hearts

Listen to the title track, ‘Conquer Then Divide’ here:  


More from The Artichoke Hearts:
The Artichoke Hearts @ Facebook
The Artichoke Hearts @ Spotify
The Artichoke Hearts @ Bandcamp

New track (Original) – “Summertime Funk” – Nick Barfoot

September 13, 2016

A few people had been asking me when I was going to release another original song (a process still fairly new for me).
After re-opening the session again during Mix with the Masters I was re-inspired and decided this would be the next one I’d release.

I spent the last little while finishing up tune, called “Summertime Funk”. I’ve made the track available for download on Soundcloud, and if you enjoy it please feel free to share! 🙂

1204 Recordings – Now on YouTube!

September 1, 2016

You can now listen to all music from 1204 Recordings on our YouTube channel. If you’re a YouTube user and want to get the latest updates, please to subscribe to the channel, I’ll be posting content there going forward.

New track (Original) – “All For You” – Nicola Anderson

August 26, 2016

This summer I got to work with singer-songwriter Nicola Anderson to produce her single “All For You”.

Nicola is based in Ottawa and has been singing for over ten years, and has lent her vocals for other artists on their projects. Working with Nicola was a lot of fun, and it was cool to see her continually challenge herself during the process.

We worked together adding to the original arrangement, and she patiently and confidently worked out the multi-part vocal harmonies featured in the track.

Nicola Anderson

You can check out Nicola’s website and follow her on Instagram here:

If you enjoy the track, please feel free to share. Thanks! 🙂

Mix with the Masters 2016 – Andrew Scheps

August 11, 2016

I recently got the opportunity to attend a seminar with multi Grammy award winning mix engineer, recording engineer and producer Andrew Scheps.

Andrew has worked on records for Adele, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Sabbath, Hozier, Zac Brown Band and many others. He has spoken at Google, helped to create his own set of audio plugins and now operates his own record label.

Andrew Scheps, Studios La Fabrique

The week-long Mix With The Masters seminar brought 16 engineers, musicians and producers from all over the world to stay and learn at Studios La Fabrique in the south of France. During the week we discussed audio and recording theory, mixing and production techniques, got to ask questions and shared our own studio experiences and stories with each other.

We got to watch Andrew work as we recorded a 3 piece punk band from Spain, and even got some feedback on some of our own work.

Each of the other attendees were really great. Everyone I met there are all very talented and brought their own unique perspective to the seminar, along with awesome music. They all helped me with things to improve my own setup and approach to recording and mixing, and I now look forward to hearing more of their work.

MWTM 2016 – Andrew Scheps

I have long admired Andrew’s work, philosophy and continued involvement in the audio community, so to attend and watch and listen and learn was an experience I will never forget. Many thanks to Harry, Victor, Andrew and everyone involved at MWTM, and to all of the other engineers that attended, it was incredible!

Studios La Fabrique

Control room, Studios La Fabrique

Studios La Fabrique

Attendees dining together every day


Getting feedback on our mixes