Who we are

1204 Recordings is an independent recording studio and audio production services company located in Toronto, ON, Canada.


“Working with Nick is an absolute treat. Not only is he a master of his craft, he is also one of the most easy going and charismatic guys I know”
– Paulina Dymel
“Working with Nick is always a pleasure. His personality and attitude alleviate all the pressures of trying to nail each track, which results in a more natural recording, and an overall great time. Not to ignore the fact that his technical and writing skills are both outstanding”
– Tyler Joseph Roy (Fellow)
“Working with Nick on our EP was a great experience. I never thought that recording could be so enjoyable! The sessions were not stressful or burdensome, but instead, they were full of positivity and something we looked forward to.”
– The Artichoke Hearts
Andrew Scheps, Studios La Fabrique

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love the results, and it’s our top priority to produce something you and your audience enjoy listening to.
Alan Parsons, Abbey Road Studios, London

Want to start a project? Just drop us a line.


We offer a variety of services around putting your musical projects together including:

  • Album/EP Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Online Publishing